We Make the Best Clam Chowder – Boston Seafood Restaurant

When was the last time you enjoyed a really delicious clam chowder? Has it been a while? If so then why not treat yourself and your family to a warm, comforting bowl of our legendary chowder? As one of the leading seafood restaurants in the city, we are proud of our reputation for producing delicious chowder, gumbo and many other traditional seafood based options. We make a new batch of chowder each day using high quality ingredients. The result is an irresistible soup which makes a great starter or is hearty enough to make a light meal on its own.

Come to Us for Steamed Lobster

Lobster is our specialty, so if you crave crustacean then it’s time to pay us a visit. Our tank is crammed with tasty, fresh lobsters; so you can take a look and pick the one that looks the most inviting. Once you’ve made your choice, the lobster will be quickly cooked and presented at your table. We also offer a number of other lobster dishes, including lobster roll, so you can always find something new and exciting to try.

Fresh is Best

Whether you opt for lobster or try our clams, mussels, scallops or swordfish, you can be confident that all our seafood is freshly caught, carefully stored and prepared with skill and passion for the table. We care about our food and want you to enjoy the very best of New England’s seafood whenever you drop by. We welcome family groups and serve both lunches and dinners. Our restaurant enjoys an excellent reputation and many people come from out-of-state and even from overseas to taste our selection of seafood dishes.

Well-Established Seafood Restaurant in Boston

We have been serving the community successfully for a number of decades now, providing tasty, high quality seafood dining to people who live and work in and around Boston, or just in for a visit. If you want to eat premium seafood in appealing surroundings, waited on by our attentive team, why not call us now to book? You can reach us at (617) 723-4111.