Boston & Maine Fish Company

Our wonderful history began in 1984 when this successful store was founded by its first owner Mr. Larry Smith. The idea was to have a perfect place in the heart of America History where people from near and far could come to and enjoy both traditional history and New England’s famous seafood at the same time.

Since then this vision has been fulfilled daily. We serve literally people from every corner of the world that come to Boston to either visit, work or even to call this city their home.

In 1999 Boston and Maine Fish Company was taken to an even higher level when it was purchased by present owners Andre Ornelas and Sergio Goncalves. These two very spirited Brazilian natives had been working in the company for many years when they were offered the opportunity to become owners themselves and take this company to the next chapter.

Working hard and looking to the future they took the challenge and built a new store with a great look and wonderful functionality to better serve their customers.

Following the great remodeling of downtown Boston and the increasing flow of tourists to Faneuil Hall Market place which is one of the most famous historic sites in the world we are proud to say that Boston and Maine is also a place for a lifetime experience for those who come to us.

Our goal is to maintain the vision, the quality, and the taste of our products making our customers happy and pleased when eating in our store.

We love what we do and dedicate all to the glory of God, who gives us all the blessings from above.

Boston And Maine Fish Co.