When you visit a coastal city, you’ll likely want to try some kind of seafood. Most of the seafood that you’ll get at restaurants along the coast is caught fresh each day, which means that you’re going to experience flavors that you might not notice if you were to eat seafood at an inland restaurant. One meal that you should try is a steamed lobster in Boston restaurants. You can usually learn about a few tips that you can take home if you want to prepare a meal for your family.


Avoid getting a lobster and keeping it in your refrigerator for a few days until you’re ready to cook the seafood. You want to try to steam the lobster later the same day if you can. If you need to keep it in the refrigerator until the next day, then leave the bands on the claws and put the animal in the crisper drawer so that it stays fresh.

Entering the Water

When you get steamed lobster in Boston restaurants, you’ll usually notice that the exterior of the animal is bright red when it’s delivered to your table. This is often because of the cooking process. You want to wait until the water in the pot is boiling before putting the lobster in headfirst. If you put the lobster in slowly, then it tends to make the animal suffer and can often result in meat that is tough to eat and that doesn’t have a lot of flavors. If you don’t plan to boil your lobster, you should use a steam basket on top of the water so that the steam from it boiling cooks the meat. You’ll notice that the lobster will turn bright red when cooked in this manner as well, similar to what you would see if you were to submerge it in the water.

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