Seafood is increasingly popular in the United States. Part of this increase may be the fact that seafood offers heart-healthy, lean protein and versatile dining with lower fat and calorie content than red meat.

Considering trying something from the sea but not sure where to start? Here are a few suggestions for those who are new to the seafood scene:

Branching Out from White Fish

Many Americans are strictly white-fleshed fish eaters. While there are delightful dishes to be had with these mild fish flavors, Boston’s best fish houses encourage consumers to branch out and try some of the other most popular flavors of the sea.

Some examples of ways that first-time seafood explorers can try new tastes include:

  • Stews and chowders, which offer flavorful ways to dip your toes into the world of seafood.
  • Cocktails and dipped dishes Shrimp cocktail is popular with diners who like a punch of flavor in addition to the taste of the shrimp itself. Also, consider dishes that come complete with dipping sauces for a similar effect.
  • Fresh seafood salads. If you’re a sandwich kind of person, try a mixed salad of shrimp and lobster for a delicious, refreshing way to give new seafood a taste.
  • Cakes and croquettes. A classic way to sample new seafood flavors, fried or breaded dishes like crab cakes and lobster croquet are delicious options for first-time diners.

Still not sure about shrimp, lobster, clams, and mussels? Consider taking a smaller step with fresh salmon or tuna. Served with flavorful steaks rather than heavily-seasoned cakes or salads, you’ll get the true taste of what the ocean’s most popular fish dishes have to offer!

Quincy Market – Where to Go for Superior Seafood

Those who love seafood and are willing to plan their travels around it can’t miss Boston’s landmark Quincy Market. Few other places in the United States offer such a high concentration of delicious seafood specialties in one space; it’s no wonder so many people plan their pilgrimage to this marketplace every year!

When you want the very best seafood in Quincy Market, stop into one of the landmark’s numerous seafood specialty restaurants. These establishments – like the Boston and Maine Fish Company – provide delicious dinners for locals and tourists alike, as well as distributing seafood to other businesses across the United States. For the very freshest and most flavorful seafood, it pays to stay in Boston. Order seafood in Quincy Market this year, and enjoy the most delicious offerings of the ocean!