Boston is famous for its seafood cuisine. People who live here think nothing of ordering favorite dishes like lobster bisque or crab cakes.

However, when you come from a landlocked state in the Midwest to visit this city, you can be taken back at the variety and availability of cuisine in Boston. By knowing how to act in a seafood restaurant in Boston, you can avoid drawing unwanted attention to yourself and potentially insulting people who are native to the area.

Be Open to the Flavors and Textures

While your palate may be used to barbecue pork or grilled steaks, you are encouraged to be open-minded about the flavor and texture of the food that is served up in the typical seafood restaurant in Boston. Some of the dishes may be entirely foreign to you simply because you may not be able to get fresh seafood where you live. It can seem entirely strange to taste lobster in a soup or chunks of crab in cake form.

Rather than turning up your nose at the dishes that are available to you, you should sample some and take the time to savor the tastes. An open-minded approach could help you enjoy them more and also ask for them readily the next time you visit Boston.

Ask for Help

If you are not sure of what to order, you can ask for help from your wait staff. They are ready to assist people who are not from the area enjoy their culinary experiences more. They can also show you how to eat certain foods on the menu.

For example, if you order a whole lobster or crab, you are going to want to know how to crack it and get out the meat. Your server can help you.

These etiquette tips can make dining in a seafood restaurant more enjoyable. You also get to relish in the flavors of Boston.