If you’ve got a day to spend in Boston and there’s nothing in the world you love to do than eat, here are a few things hard-core foodies like you shouldn’t miss.

Start with a bowl of chowder

Don’t leave without getting a taste of their seafood. The New England Chowder in Boston is well known for its hearty, delicious base. The tender chunks of lobster meat don’t hurt either. If you want seafood that’s going to hit all the right notes, then you’ll want to order a warm bowl of chowder on your trip.

Make room for stuffed clams

Done with your clam chowder? Go for an order for stuffed clams. The crispy top and tender, juicy meat inside will make it one of your favorites. You might want to add a bit of Tabasco sauce if you love a bit of spice with your seafood.

Get hooked on the fish

With plenty of seafood restaurants in town, you could have delicious and unforgettable broiled salmon or freshly-baked Boston scrod. If you’re lucky, you could order sword fish steak. Whether you eat it as a sandwich, kebob or take it with rice, you’ll end up enjoying every bite. If you love to eat fish, then you’ll want to add any of these to your list of must-eat meals.

Dig into scallops

Don’t forget to add a plate of scallops to your lunch or dinner. They’re the perfect appetizers to whet your appetite. If you want finger food that’s tasty, this will have you lick your fingers clean when you’re done.

Enjoy the lobster salad roll

The huge chunks of lobster meat will make this salad roll stand out in your memory. You’ve never tasted lobster meat before unless you’ve had a lobster salad roll. It’ll taste so good you’ll find yourself coming back for more.

Pair up shrimp and lobster

What’s better than shrimp? Eating shrimp with lobster, of course! Lobster makes everything better. Enjoy them served on a sandwich and you’ll find yourself surprised at how fast you can finish your plate.

Make room for lobster

Aside from the New England Chowder in Boston, lobster is a well-known seafood treat in the region, the Thrillist says. You can’t miss it. Whether you order a steam lobster or the special, you’ll take your taste buds for a culinary trip they won’t soon forget. Ready to dig these seafood favorites? Check us out at Boston & Maine Fish Co at the Faneuil Hall Marketplace.